Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping Budget on Vacay

The reason I've been so MIA these past few months is because *gasp* I've hardly been shopping at all!

Of course, there have been a few must-have items like these Jimmy Choos that I picked up for 60% off (how could I resist?!).

This spring/summer my time and money have been redirected towards gardening. At times I think I've completely gone crazy (as do some of my neighbors), but it's quite fun! I've decided to document my adventures in both gardening and cooking on a new blog: Gardening in My Bathrobe and Cooking in Stilettos

In addition to my own little projects, I also have been writing about shoes for Shoetube.

So, be on the lookout for updates here, and in the meantime check out Shoetube and Gardening in My Bathrobe and Cooking in Stilettos!


Anonymous said...

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