Friday, February 19, 2010

Dolce Vita Trinity: Pumps that Know How to Party

Party shoes are not an accessory to be taken lightly. The selection of the perfect party shoe can make or break your night and quite possibly your ankle. I previously addressed this issue on Shoetube in my Hangover Help for Help for Shoes that Party too Hard piece. However, I think I may need to give my trusty Pedro Garcia's a break (not retirement, just a vacay), which means I need some new party shoes.

The criteria?
  1. Black--but something fun. Definitely not boring black pumps.
  2. Minimum 3.5 Inch Heel, but WALKABLE (aka something you can still negotiate after a few martinis)
  3. Stacked heel is preferable, but anything that doesn't scar easily is OK

Snowmageddon 2010, proved to be the perfect time to do lots of online window shopping, and I found THE perfect party pump. Not only does it live up to my standards, but it's on sale at multiple websites, which I listed below for your shopping pleasure. However, if you're an 8-8.5, don't even think about it....

Dear readers, I would like to introduce you to the Dolce Vita "Trinity"

(Photo: Saks)

Saks Fifth Avenue: $210

Nika: $210

Revolve: $209

Nordstrom: $199

Moose Limited: $189

Bona Drag: $170

Shopbop: $150

Bloomingdales: $147

P.S. While doing my "research" I also discovered that these very shoes were spotted on Christina Aguilera on the set of Burlesque!

(Photo: Star Style Inc.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen: Designer, Dog Lover, and Hooligan

February 11, 2010--the East Coast was burried beneath a blizzard, NY Fashion Week was getting ready to kickoff, and London lost their "L'enfant Terrible." When I first read the news, I honestly thought it was a hoax. Alexander McQueen was a truly innovative designer, and one of my all time favorites. Last week as tribute after tribute popped up on my Twitter feed, there were some wonderful stories about McQueen, that I wish I had read under lighter circumstances. I certainly am not qualified to write a fitting tribute, so below I've posted the ones that do justice. The story from the Wall Street Journal, is probably my favorite and possibly the saddest. I think it's safe to say that London Fashion Week will certainly not be the same this year.

"There is no way back for me now.
I am going to take you on journeys
you've never dreamed were possible."
Lee Alexander McQueen 1969-2010

Wall Street Journal

UK Daily Mail

NY Mag, The Cut

NY Times

Monday, February 1, 2010

Punk Rock Professional

I always knew that somewhere beneath the Theory suits and multiple blackberries, was the same girl that had green and purple highlights circa 1996. Thanks to Pandora, I've re-discovered bands like Less than Jake and Squad Five-O: combine that with watching last night's Grammy's, and therein lies the blame/credit for my ensemble.

Plaid vintage kilt, cashmere cardigan, Kate Spade mary janes--it all started innocent enough. First came the hosiery decision: plain black tights or textured Betsey Johnson tights (found on clearance at Marshall's). Since it's Monday, I thought I'd jazz things up a bit with the textured tights. Ya know, live life on the edge, right? Or something like that....

It was actually looking like I might make it to work on time, when I realized that I couldn't find my black camisole or any plain black tops for that matter. As panic set in, the wheels in my pea brain started turning. I dug through my dresser drawers et voila! You know that feeling, when you chuckle to yourself because you know you're doing something that you probably shouldn't, and if your friends were there, they would just give you the look? Hehehehehehe.

Today, beneath my prim, proper, buttoned-up cardigan, I'm sporting a silver skull shirt; I kind of feel like Abby from NCIS, minus the pigtails and spiderweb tat. If you saw me at the water cooler, you probably wouldn't notice anything different; however, as I rock out in my cube, I know what lies beneath the buttons, and that's all that matters.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Going to the Chapel, and I Don't Know What I'm Wearing

I find I've arrived at that age, where I'm receiving a lot of wedding invitations in the mail. For all the jokes about awful bridesmaid dresses, I'm almost jealous; at least they know what they're wearing!

Shopping for wedding wear can actually be quite tricky when you stop and think about it. You have to be church-appropriate aka not too low, short, or tight. And while you don't want to look like a strumpet, you also don't want to look like an old maid; I mean you never know if there will be a cute cousin in the crowd, right? Not to mention, there's often a temperature issue since Mid-Atlantic springs can range from sunny and 60's to ice and snow. Then there are the color restrictions: white is an obvious NO, black is questionable, and you certainly don't want to look like a bridesmaid wannabe. Oh, and last but certainly not least, it has to be on sale!

Currently I'm in the market for a new frock for a dear friend's wedding in April in Virginia (keeping my fingers crossed it's a warm weekend). In addition to the criteria listed above, I've added a few more:
  1. 1. I want to be able to recycle it for the Junior League Spring Soiree at the end of April
  2. 2. The color has to flatter my ghostly pallor (faux tan was so 2008)
  3. 3. I would really like to find something under $200

Below are my top 3 choices, thus far, in no particular order:

I know this dress breaks the black rule, but look closely and you can see the hot pink underskirt that peeks through in the front. How cute is that? I love this dress, A LOT. However, it's a little over budget, especially if I'm not buying it to wear to the wedding.

Black Halo, Gilt Fuse, $134 (down from $375)

Confession time: I just bought this dress, or my mom did (Happy Early Birthday to me!). I love the sample sale websites, but if you see something you like, you have to snag it right away or else *poof* it's in some other shopper's cart. I actually almost missed out on this dress, but then some fool let it go and now it's mine, all mine. Whether or not I wear this dress to the wedding is still dependent on how things play out with my last option(s)...

Sunner, Shopbop, $201.60 or $144 (orig $288)

This dress is essentially perfect. I love the cut, the colors are perfect for my pasty complexion, it has pockets, *swoon* and it's on sale. Here's the deal though: I like them both, but I really want the purple one. Of course, because that's the one I want, it is only marked down 30% whereas the green is marked down 50%. I stalk Shopbop several times a day to see if the purple has dropped yet. It hasn't. Here's hoping.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dollar Store Deals on Channel 8's Let's Talk Live

Last week I went on Channel 8's lunch time show--Let's Talk Live--to chat about the ins and outs of shopping at Dollar Stores! See below or click here to watch the segment

P.S. The Hello Kitty case is actually from Five Below: a five dollar store (shhhhh don't tell ;))

Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimmies that Won't Sink Your Budget!

Check out my latest article on the Examiner for tips on how to find fabulous swimmies that are friendly towards a Miller Lite or even a Schlitz budget :)
Just one little problem. While doing "research" I found several swimmies that I really just HAVE TO HAVE. I mean do I really need electricity this month?
Top picks?
Poko Pano: Got Dots
Lilly Pulitzer: Bacall Bandeau (the Lilly people found one for me!!!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Morning After: Valentino Screening

Last night I went to the screening of the Valentino: The Last Emporer at Avalon Theatre in Chevy Chase. Sadly, I missed the reception that Neimans did before hand thank to miserable DC traffic and at least one motorcade. I did manage to catch the last part of the Q&A with producer/director and Vanity Fair correspondent Matt Tyrnauer. It was really interesting to hear his take on working with Valentino and all the stories about V's pugs (which are so cute!). As for the movie, I LOVED it!!!! The clothes were all so gorgeous, and it was amazing to see everything that goes into a couture gown. Not to mention, Valentino was hilarious! Granted, I wouldn't want to work for him, but some of the things he said were brutally honest, and he used some great metaphors. I was especially fond of the part when he scolds someone for leaving straight pins lying around because he didn't want any of his pugs to get hold of them! As a fellow dog owner, I understand that the dogs always come before the clothes.

Speaking of clothes, let's talk about my ensemble from last night. I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't sure how the color combo was going to work. I think in some strange way, though, it all worked. What do you think?

Dress: Marc Jacobs (60% off at eLuxury)

Bag: Botkier (80% off at Funky La La)

Shoes: Gucci (60% off at Neiman Marcus)