Friday, April 27, 2007

Lounge Wear

The weather forecast for the District of Columbia is gross with a 30% chance of miserable. This morning as I was in bed listening to the rain, work clothes were the last thing I wanted to adorn. On rainy days there's really nothing better than lying on the sofa watching the recently released 90210 Season 1 DVD's in your finest loungewear. Seriously, shed the PJ's; that can be the one productive thing you do all day...

Loungewear is one of my favorite types of clothing. If you get the right items you can compose an ensemble that's comfy, flattering, and stylish. An outfit that feels like you're wearing PJ's, yet is appropriate to wear in public; it just doesn't get much better than that!

I love Juicy with Primp coming in a very close second; I'm especially keen on their T's with the sparkly rhinestones! However, there is absolutely no way I can justify spending $80+ on what are, essentially, sweatpants. Fret not, you can still have your Juicy and Primp and afford it too.

Have you ever heard of a place called Gabrielle Brother's (Gabe's)? For those in the DC area, the closest one is in Winchester, VA, and well worth the trek. Gabe's is a warehouse-type store that sells clothing and much much more, but in all fairness Gabe's deserves it's own post so you'll have to wait to find out more. Chances are if you have heard of Gabe's it was probably in reference to someone looking through clothing and finding pants with one leg, shirts with holes, and dresses with stains. Amidst all the one-legged pants, though, are Juicy pants (both velour and terry) for a mere $10!

While not as exciting/scary as Gabe's, TJ Maxx is a great place to find Primp (they occasionally have Juicy, but it's still not as cheap as Gabe's). You have to look in the new Runway section that select TJ's have, but it's well worth it since the Primp pants are marked down to $30. You can also find Primp at Filene's Basement, Loehman's, and the sale racks at Neimans and Saks, but they are still usually over $50 there.

I think it's supposed to be pretty this weekend and what better to do than take a nice drive down Route 50 (stopping in Middleburg for some cookies at The Upper Crust) or I-66 and check out Gabe's to stock up on loungewear for the rainy days to come!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello Gorgeous!

Between outlets, designer discount chains, bargain websites, and let's not forget a good old-fashioned department store sale, wherever does a girl begin! It's very easy to become hypnotized by a 50% sign and next thing you know you're coming home with bags of stuff that you'll never wear..."But it was SUCH a Good Deal!" The truth of the matter is, it's not a good deal if it's going to just take up valuable closet space.

I'm here to share some of my favorite treasure troves, provide guidance, answer questions, and recap my own shopping adventures.

To get things started I'd like to share one of the most incredible websites ever created This site helps save some of that valuable office time that accidentally gets spent online shopping. Basically you go through and put in your size ranges, select your favorite brands/designers, and then how often you would like to receive an email from them (trust me, you want it daily). Whatever program the site uses scans through numerous websites and selects the clothing and accessories that match the data you entered upon registration. It gets better...from the email you can send the item to a friend for their approval or you can just go ahead and click on the picture and buy away; and this is all from the comfort of your email account!