Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Landover C-Mart Liquidation

Forget all those sayings about how "every cloud has a silver lining." How about something more of us can relate to such as "behind every store closing, is a liquidation sale!"

As I checked my email this afternoon I was greeted by a subject line in all caps informing me that the Landover C-Mart was having a liquidation sale. It took awhile for it to sink in what exactly was going on: C-Mart is no more! At first I was devastated, but that feeling soon passed to one of excitement as I realized:

A. There is another C-Mart's (even if it is an hour or so away),

B. They're opening up,



While it's only appropriate to mourn the loss of a great discount store, let's not let our tears get in the way of that $75 Prada Skirt. Besides, Friday is a National holiday, right? RIGHT (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)???

Straight from my inbox:

:::::LIQUIDATION Begins Friday, March 28 at 8AM!!:::::****

The LANDOVER STORE IS CLOSING: HALF OFF THE ENTIRE STORE***This is not a hoax or a gimmick. The rumors you have been hearing our true. We're CLOSING our LANDOVER STORE in preparation for our biggest project EVER... ONLINE SHOPPING AT CMART.COM Coming 4/28!! (that's right... NEXT MONTH!)MAJOR retailers have been closing their doors due to a weak economy or diminishing sales, BUT, our motive is the exact opposite.Over the past eight months, C-Mart has undergone substantial upgrades and modernizations under the direction of its new co-owners, Brad and Dan. During the 2007 acquisition, Bondroff and Shuman were relatively vocal of their intent to not only make the C-Mart buying process more efficient and enhance customer service but to undoubtedly expand the reach of the C-Mart brand to a national level. In order to carry out this goal it was obvious that C-Mart WAS GOING TO NEED TO ESTABLISH ITSELF AS AN E-COMMERCE RETAILER!So What Does this Mean for YOU??Starting THIS FRIDAY, at 8AM, the entire LANDOVER store is an ADDITIONAL HALF OFF the LOWEST TICKETED PRICE! This is not a sale... this is a LIQUIDATION! We're clearing the space out!! Everything must go and we will then close the doors for good. So THIS FRIDAY go in late, call in sick (**cough, cough**) because once the merchandise is gone IT IS GONE! THEN WHAT? Then visit CMART.COM and begin shopping for all AMAZING new deals at are regular UNBEATABLE C-Mart prices. That means... NO LINES, NO DRIVING, NO MORE SEARCHING FOR YOUR SIZE because everything will just be clicks away! And SHIPPING??? It's FREE! Absolutely FREE. That's from apparel to housewares to FURNITURE! Not for the first month... It's free PERIOD! SO mark your calendars for 4/28 and log on to CMART.COM!


Located at: 1000 Joppa Farm Road, Joppatowne, Maryland 21085