Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dollar Store Deals on Channel 8's Let's Talk Live

Last week I went on Channel 8's lunch time show--Let's Talk Live--to chat about the ins and outs of shopping at Dollar Stores! See below or click here to watch the segment

P.S. The Hello Kitty case is actually from Five Below: a five dollar store (shhhhh don't tell ;))

Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimmies that Won't Sink Your Budget!

Check out my latest article on the Examiner for tips on how to find fabulous swimmies that are friendly towards a Miller Lite or even a Schlitz budget :)
Just one little problem. While doing "research" I found several swimmies that I really just HAVE TO HAVE. I mean do I really need electricity this month?
Top picks?
Poko Pano: Got Dots
Lilly Pulitzer: Bacall Bandeau (the Lilly people found one for me!!!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Morning After: Valentino Screening

Last night I went to the screening of the Valentino: The Last Emporer at Avalon Theatre in Chevy Chase. Sadly, I missed the reception that Neimans did before hand thank to miserable DC traffic and at least one motorcade. I did manage to catch the last part of the Q&A with producer/director and Vanity Fair correspondent Matt Tyrnauer. It was really interesting to hear his take on working with Valentino and all the stories about V's pugs (which are so cute!). As for the movie, I LOVED it!!!! The clothes were all so gorgeous, and it was amazing to see everything that goes into a couture gown. Not to mention, Valentino was hilarious! Granted, I wouldn't want to work for him, but some of the things he said were brutally honest, and he used some great metaphors. I was especially fond of the part when he scolds someone for leaving straight pins lying around because he didn't want any of his pugs to get hold of them! As a fellow dog owner, I understand that the dogs always come before the clothes.

Speaking of clothes, let's talk about my ensemble from last night. I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't sure how the color combo was going to work. I think in some strange way, though, it all worked. What do you think?

Dress: Marc Jacobs (60% off at eLuxury)

Bag: Botkier (80% off at Funky La La)

Shoes: Gucci (60% off at Neiman Marcus)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is, I'm baaaack! Hopefully I've been missed, but more importantly let's talk about how much I'm going to miss eLuxury (aka the bad news)!

Friday, June 26, will be the last day for eLuxury's retail business. They're going to be more of a lifestyle website with stories and whatnot, so hopefully that will at least provide some new workday distractions. Anywho, as for the going out of business sale: there are still a few items left, but the pickings a slim, albeit with severly slashed prices. This Dior ring is rather snazzy, don't you think?
Over the years, eLuxury and I have been through a lot. It all started with a Burberry swimmie I ordered during the summer of 2003 right before my senior year at college. This was also when I discovered they had a-mazing sales with discounts over 50% and always some type of shipping special! Things progressed from Burberry to Pucci (oops!), with some Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton thrown in on the side. One of my fave pairs of shoes--yellow Puccis--were an eLuxury 75% off purchase and ended up being my lucky interview shoes.
My last and final eLuxury purchase was this fabulous Marc Jacobs dress that was a "one day only, take an extra 40% off" special. I'm wearing it tonight to the screening Nieman Marcus, Mazza Gallerie is doing of Valentino: the Last Emporer, so check back later for pics of my whole ensemble and a recap of the Valentino movie. I'm not really sure the shoe/handbag combo I selected is gonna work quite as I envisioned it, but we shall see...