Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Recap

This weekend while strolling around Capitol Hill, I finally got to check out the new vintage store that opened called Remix; it was amazing! Vintage stores can totally be hit or miss, depending on the pieces the owner has selected. Many stores tend to be filled with mediocre pieces and the whole experience ends up being too overwhelming (it basically feels like being in an over-priced Goodwill). This is definitely not the case at Remix! There were so many amazing things that I don't know where to begin: the clothes, the bags, the jewelry, the hats, the coats...

The coats deserve mention of their own. I did not purchase one this time, but I have every intention of going back. Swing coats are especially big this year, and what better than an authentic one! Many of the coats were 100% cashmere, in great condition, and under $200. Now, I just need to decide what color I desperately need.

There are many reasons I love vintage pieces, but high on that list is the unique factor. Nothing is worse than seeing tons of people in your beloved VonFurstenberg dress, but what's a girl to do?! Well, aside from making your own clothes vintage pieces are a GREAT option. Just keep in mind that the sizing can vary quite a bit, so don't feel bad about going up 4 sizes.

It's not always necessary to be out shopping to find something new and exciting. I ran into my neighbor over the weekend and she had the cutest pair of slides on! I immediately commented on how much I like them, which led to a conversation about how they give your feet and workout and are super affordable. They're called Oka B's and you can find them online. She was wearing a brown pair of the Madison's with a gold ribbon; perfect for fall! And to top it all off there are two eyelets across the toe part so you can switch the ribbons out as your heart desires!